Real estate

Dear Friends, The staff of our colleagues serves clients in almost all regions of Turkey and can offer you hundreds and thousands of all kinds of apartment options. The selection of the option is a matter of your personal taste and budget. Niche colleagues will tell you the districts and regions, as well as projects in which it makes sense to buy real estate. The recent tightening of laws in Turkey has led to the fact that in some areas it has become impossible to obtain a residence permit for a foreigner. There are also implemented projects where buyers can immediately get a permanent residence permit or even a passport of a Turkish citizen, depending on the value of the property. In particular, we recommend you to settle in the new European district of Istanbul Beylikduzu, where many Russian-speaking people already live.

To arrange consultations and selection of real estate, please send a request by e-mail below:

You will get a call back immediately via WhatsApp or Telegram. To get a discount, you need to introduce yourself that you are calling through the Assistance portal in Turkey.

In addition to apartments and villas, we can offer you commercial real estate in Turkey, including hotels or industrial premises. To select options, please contact us first by email above.