Obtaining a residence permit in Istanbul and Antalia

Obtaining and extending permanent residence in Istanbul and Antalya for citizens of Russia and other countries. It is possible to submit the documents yourself, but, most likely, not to get what you want and make it difficult for yourself to actually get a permanent residence permit. Consultations, recommendations, prices.

As of July 2022, the documents and prices for obtaining a permanent residence permit for one year for an adult are presented below, this is the official part. 1. Passport and its translation into Turkish 300 liras. 2. Getting a Tax number of 500 liras. 3. The name of the mother and father. 4. Housing rental contract. 5. Tapu and numbering from the municipality. 6. Biometric photo. 7. Insurance for a year, if not, then 1200 liras. 8. Turkish phone number. 9.  Email. The cost of the procedure is 1630 liras tax per year for the government, 500 liras for a tax number, 300 liras for a notarized copy, 200 liras for holding a meeting and receiving an official, 1200 liras insurance for a year, total expenses in liras per person - 3830 liras, which is about $ 230.

Assistance with a guaranteed permanent residence permit per person - from $ 300 and above. The total cost is about $ 530 per person, minus the possible presence of individual elements (passport translation, tax number, etc.). There are also problems that will need to be solved, for example, more than 20% of foreigners are located in the area of residence, then the permanent residence will not be issued, it will be necessary to provide another address and a lease agreement, which will entail additional costs.

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