Personal tours in Istanbul

Personal, expensive Forgotten Truths tour of historical, Biblical and Holy Places of Constantinople in the company of Doctor of Historical Sciences and Doctor of Theology. Shocking truth. Consultations, recommendations, prices.

Personal tours of the Biblical and historical sites of Tsargrad - Constantinople - Jerusalem of the past. The tour is conducted by a Professor of history, Doctor of Historical Sciences and Doctor of theology, a representative of the Nova Church of Holy Russia. Tours are conducted by car and on foot.

A full tour is two days. The tours include visits to the Hippodrome (Sultan Ahmet Square), the Hagia Sophia, Kilometer zero, the Column of Constantine the Great, the Church of St. Irene, the Palace of Sultans, the Blue Mosque, the Grand Bazaar. The next places to visit are the Church of the Chora (Kariye), the Patriarchate of Constantinople, the Church of St. George, the Tower of Christ in Galata, Mount Beykoz (Adam's Head, Hercules' Bed, Golgotha) and the fortress of Yoros (the true Jerusalem and the Epty Tomb).

The cost of a full tour is $ 3,000 or $ 1,500 per day of the tour. The group can consist of no more than 4 people. With an increase in the numerical composition, the cost increases.

To start communicating and possibly placing an order for a personal tour, you can write an application to the email below: