Acquisition of Cappadocia ceramics

Assistance in personal or virtual visits to workshops, cave exhibition halls and the acquisition of unique, handmade works of Cappadocian ceramics masters who have preserved the ancient art of the prehistoric Hittites. Purchase of the rarest and most expensive products of the ceramic artists of the Sultans Ceramic company in the city of Avanos. Consultations, selection of products, prices.

This section is under development and will be supplemented with special materials and contacts.

An old family from Cappadocia founded the famous company Sultans Ceramic in Avanos. The company's craftsmen produce unique works of art that have a unique flavor and do not have duplicates. The cost of the products exceeds several thousand dollars, and some of them - tens of thousands of dollars. The main exposition of the salon is located in the company's cave workshop and is not subject to sale on third-party sites. To choose a product, you need to come to the salon of the workshop and choose a thing for yourself.

We can speed up this process and provide options for fresh receipts of works of art from the masters of the company.

We guarantee customers that they will be able to purchase a unique product that has no copies and analogues. Ceramic products are quite durable and will be able to serve you for many centuries.

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